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There are many free tools that are similar in function to AutoCAD, but due to the difference in price and complexity, AutoCAD remains a popular choice among commercial CAD users.

AutoCAD is a well-rounded CAD tool. It offers a solid drafting and modeling experience for many different types of tasks. This article covers the main use cases for AutoCAD and when you might use each one.

If you are just starting out with AutoCAD or are not familiar with the software, you should be able to choose from a variety of primary use cases.

If you are an experienced user of AutoCAD, you may have a more specialized set of use cases in mind, depending on your industry.

Some use cases are common to many CAD programs, while others apply to AutoCAD exclusively.

This article covers:

Fundamental use cases of AutoCAD

Common use cases of AutoCAD

Specialized use cases of AutoCAD

Fundamental Use Cases

AutoCAD is a very versatile tool with many different types of use cases.

These use cases are sometimes used together in one project, or each use case can be done independently.

You can use AutoCAD for:

Mobile design

Drafting and 3D modeling

Desktop file and drawing editing

User interface design


Graphic design

Once you know the core use cases, you will be able to narrow down which types of projects AutoCAD is best for.

There are four basic categories of use cases:

Mobile use cases

3D use cases

Desktop CAD use cases

Entertainment and special use cases

Drafting and modeling

To help you keep track of what each use case covers, you can break down the use cases in more detail.

Mobile Use Cases

Mobile design

AutoCAD is a popular choice for mobile design. The mobile version of AutoCAD can run on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone. This is a very important use case for AutoCAD as it covers many of the businesses that require mobile design.

AutoCAD mobile design helps AutoCAD designers design for small devices like smartphones and tablets. This is a type of use case that is similar to

AutoCAD Free Download


In addition to CAD applications, AutoCAD Crack Free Download supports the BIMx platform for collaboration and interoperability.

AutoCAD Cracked Version is a desktop application, which is available for Windows, OS/2, and macOS (the latter in either native form or as a virtual machine). Since the introduction of AutoCAD Crack 2013, the native macOS version supports all features except Web Apps and JavaScript. AutoCAD 2022 Crack LT is available for Windows and macOS. AutoCAD LT is a complete CAD suite designed for use by AutoCAD novices and was first introduced in 2009. There is also a mobile version, AutoCAD Mobile, but it does not have all the features of the desktop product. The mobile version is available for Android and iOS.

AutoCAD version 1.0 was first released on December 19, 1992. The newest version is AutoCAD 2017.

In 2019 AutoCAD 13 was the most popular choice for Autodesk’s product.

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Go to Installation in the menu and open ‘do you have Autocad’ in the dropdown menu.

Select ‘yes’ and select ‘OK’.
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You can now install the keygen.

License management
Install Licence Management.

Go to Install in the menu and open ‘do you have licnece manager’ in the dropdown menu.
Select ‘yes’ and select ‘OK’.
Select ‘yes’ and select ‘OK’.
Select ‘yes’ and select ‘OK’.
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You can now install the keygen.


You need to open the Autocad-installation folder and open the “Generate license file”. You should then have the license file as C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD_\License.txt.
Note that the key can be found on the file itself. (If you don’t have any problems using a key that is already installed then it probably is not really needed to generate a new one).


I would suggest you to download a trial version of Autocad 2017 and then you will get to know the installation process. As a practice, I would suggest you to download the trial version from the Autodesk site.
Here is the link for Autocad 2017 trial:
Autocad 2017 Trial

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Drafting and the New Flow Control:

Including new shapes and pre-defined objects for designing, you can now create complex assemblies and circuit diagrams with AutoCAD. (video: 4:53 min.)

Markup, Paper, and Clipboards:

The new Paper tool in AutoCAD is faster, slicker, and has even more features. (video: 1:52 min.)

Input and Output Devices:

The new USB port puts your drawing software directly into your working environment. It’s available in Windows and Mac, on both desktop and laptop computers. (video: 3:54 min.)

CAD on the Web:

With web access to AutoCAD files, you can remotely access your drawing, opening files on your local network for direct editing or sharing with colleagues.

3D Design and Product Creation:

The new release of AutoCAD brings a range of tools to create and work with 3D models. You can now work with 3D models in your drawings, and you can work with 3D models that were created outside of AutoCAD. (video: 4:18 min.)

Automatic Precision Management:

The new Autodesk precision manager (video: 1:19 min.) makes it easy to scale and align your drawing objects to specific tolerances without the need for editing objects, taking time and effort out of your workflow. You can also easily create uniform distances and spaces on your drawings.

A versatile drawing interface

AutoCAD is a vector-based 2D drafting program that combines functionality and user-friendliness. The new release delivers even more powerful capabilities and exciting new features.

Create, edit, and share 2D drawings

Draw, edit, annotate, and share your designs. With version 2023, you can create 2D CAD drawings to include drawing and annotation tools, object libraries, text objects, object snap, dimension control, constraints, and drafting tools.

Make all of your CAD drawings more efficient

Save time with powerful tools and enhanced productivity. Your drawings will be more flexible and versatile, enabling you to work faster. In version 2023, you’ll find enhancements to speed up your drawing and editing workflow, plus more powerful CAD tools, 3D capabilities, and access to exciting new web-based tools.

Standalone, online, or mobile

You can now use AutoCAD

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7
4 GHz Processor
2 GB Video Card
1000 GB Hard Drive
250 GB of Free Space
3 GB Video Card
2000 GB Hard Drive
500 GB of Free Space
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