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It’s not the Olympics, but for many of the volunteers at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it’s just as exciting and motivating.

For three years they have been training, day after day, to ensure the Games are a success for Auckland and for their athletes.

Sharon Luttikari

Sharon Luttikari is the president of the Auckland Branch of the RACV, the New Zealand Automobile Association.

She’s been an active volunteer for the past 17 years, from local to national level.

“It’s just wonderful to see how many people have got involved in the games.

“It started as a local council sport and has grown so much over the years and now it’s the biggest sporting event the country has ever had.

“It’s just wonderful to see how many people have got involved in the games.”


“It’s like anything else you can imagine – it’s 10 days of action, hours of work and hours of fun.”

“Nothing really tops that, although I must say that when you get to the Closing Ceremony, that is something to behold.”

Sharon has helped Auckland Council and Kiwi Property Buyers with their volunteer roles, and also the team from Coast to Coast Trust and the BNZ.

The Kiwi Property Buyers Team is a group of committed volunteers who specialise in the coordination of sponsorship for the NZPAY programme.

“It’s almost like old times,” Sharon says. “It’s like when I was a little girl and I used to support the Australian teams or the Australian teams had their games.

“It’s quite like that, and everyone is so well-prepared because they have been working on the build-up for so many years.

“So we just look forward to getting to a few down-time days to kick back and make sure that everything is going smoothly.”

Sharon is also a volunteer on the BNZ National Financial Advisory

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