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Your answer to this problem is to make new.par-files with the same name but a number at the end.

For example:
If you want to include the.txt file with you will have this new.par-file:

for more informations)

–> To get the.par-file-contents:
tell application “Parallel”
get all cells of sheet 1 of document “Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.txt”
end tell

–> To get the.par-file:
tell application “Parallel”
create new file at (POSIX file “/Users/username/Desktop/Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.txt”)
tell front document of (get active pane of front window)
open for editing
–add an empty comment to make sure you see the.par-file
insert ” To output the.par-file to a txt-file:
tell application “Parallel”
–close the parallel window with save before closing
save as file “Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.txt” to folder “/Users/username/Desktop/” with properties {name:”Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.Parallel.txt”}
end tell

–> To use the.par-file in Adobe Illustrator

-> Insert your file in

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