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Hi, i would like to request the fan. archives to be back online as the downloads for 4.0 are quickly losing velocity and 4.1 will be out soon. Look forward to to thank all the hard-working staff.

Browsing the fan. archives on the same site under a couple of kBps feels slow. I’ll have to fire up the 3.20 version

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What is this site all about?By’material’ I mean: About music, especially. Your concerns, thoughts, experiences and questions. The value of music lies in sharing it. This is an urban site which offers you the possibility to get in touch with the new “NEON”, a slang term to describe today’s trend in music (mostly Hip-Hop / R&B / Urban).

What do I want to accomplish?Well, it starts with an experimental approach and a desire to meet fellow fans in the same musical universe. There are some forums dedicated to different topics of music but they also contain personal rants and sometimes not so useful information. This site presents an alternative.

Why is this site called “NEON”?” NEON” means “NEWNESS” or “Nuance”. You have nothing to lose by visiting this site. And a lot of possibilities to gain! This is an urban hip-hop site with some Malians, two Guineans and a French guy in the mix. The aim is to share music, ideas, views and experiences about it. This is a forum to converse, get inspiration, get to know people you might otherwise never meet. This is a place to share your love for music, to build relationships and discover talents you otherwise might never have heard. Welcome! Feel free to drop in and meet other musicians, bloggers, composers, DJs…

I hope you enjoy the music I share with you. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. If you like the music I share, you can make a donation. It’s not compulsory but it is much appreciated!

Sit back and relax!


Disclaimer: The credits for all the material included in this site are available. The copyright for all music, movies, photos and texts remain with the respective authors or artists. This site contains no illegal content as defined by the law and will not be the subject of legal proceedings.

Sep 26, 2016
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Apr 3, 2016
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Apr 7, 2016
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Apr 9, 2016
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