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The Game Industry Trailors. The U.S. government has no plan to pull the plug on Xbox Live. By Paul Tassi, January 30, 2020, 5:19 am PST The U.S. government has no current plans to shut down Xbox Live with a forced shutdown of online multiplayer access, the government’s top communications technology official said Tuesday.
Dec 31, 2009
DLC games are a growing percentage of the games sold. The average game, meanwhile, boasts a much lower percentage of DLC. At the same time, many games have put on the brakes, and many more probably will with the start of the next generation of consoles, which is set to arrive later this year.
Apr 25, 2017
Let’s talk about the future. The past. And maybe some that’s-gonna-be. With 1,000 games comes a multitude of customizable options, but they are not always easy to find. Additionally, in-game upgrades are ideal for many, but they also add a level of complexity that some gamers may not find worth the effort.In an effort to help players better understand the diverse array of PC game customization options, the site has reorganized its history section into four convenient charts. The charts can be found by scrolling down on the left side of the screen, or simply tapping the arrow to the right of the chart.
Sep 5, 2019
This month, we’re providing updates to more than 20 of our suggestions and in-game tools, including: for Xbox players, a new option to disable community content on the base game, new PC game release times, an Epic Games Store achievements tracker, and a couple of new Discord integrations.
Aug 16, 2019
Our suggestions for PC games that aren’t announced or released in 2020 yet, which are often referred to as “2020 indie games.” This list is by no means a guarantee that these games will be released in 2020, but it’s intended to help you find some of the best indie games for your PC.
PlayStation 4 owners get benefits, too, and that’s the focus of our suggestions: PS4-specific games in 2020 that are due to be released over the next 12 months. There are many exclusives coming to Sony’s next console, too, including from Epic Games and Square Enix.
Apr 11, 2020
Over the next year, we’ll add new things to the mix—more games, and more genres

A total of 100 copies of Sanctus, a video game by South Korean studio NX Studio (a.k.a. Digital Art) have been canceled. The lead designer of the game, Cha Byung-jin, broke the news on his Twitter account. Sanctus combines the fantasy and steampunk genres with multiple classes, lots of spells, and a lot of items and equipment. This is Cha’s first major project since he left Nexon’s mobile development team during the layoffs.

The game is based on a story of a man named Christopher Crowther, a former regent of Lachha, who has lived in exile for the last 25 years after being falsely accused of usurping power from a rightful king.

In his exile, he adopts a young girl named Tess and starts to train her to be an Lachha regent, with the aid of the mysterious Chaste. Unfortunately, the former king, Denth, returns and embarks on a quest to bring back the emperor, who died in the previous game.

Christopher and Tess escape and remain on the run, with Christopher having to be protected as Denth is out to hunt them down as well. Denth has an organization helping him that consists of several well-trained warriors, and the assassin Nemesis is back to finish Christopher, with a new target: Tess.

Tess is a level-based RPG that allows the player to take many different approaches to battle and improve his/her party and skills. In this game, each character has a different path to take and a unique battle system.

The game has a lot of content for those who get the Collector’s Edition of the game. There are 11 classes to pick from, the fifth of which, the Sage, has been added only in the Collector’s Edition. These classes each have a special way of playing, different spells, and a different set of abilities. In addition, there are the aforementioned new classes to add diversity to the gameplay of the game. Each class also has its own strengths and weaknesses, and they also have their own pregame and postgame scenarios that can be customized in difficulty.

Sanctus is a blend of action RPG and visual novel, the design of which allows the player to be pulled into the protagonist’s drama. The game is set in a fantasy world with elements of steampunk, and the storyline is more involved than the other games in the series, with a plot that spans tens of years.

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