Because we had to limit ourselves to ten, we had to get a bit picky. But here are our top picks for the best dating apps of 2015. These dating apps let you interact with other people while still saving you time, they’re a much more efficient way of finding love when it’s convenient for you (e.g. a night out, or a time that works for you) and they’re all pretty damn good. Best of all, at least those we love are currently using them, and they’re available for free. You know when you’re hungry, but you’re so not eating. It’s 11:00 AM and you have no snack food in sight, and by noon you’re feeling it and that energy slump you’ve felt since the last time you ate is imminent. The issue with this is the fact that hunger usually interferes with whatever you’re trying to do. You have no energy, no brain power, your mood is going to be shitty, and nobody is going to be impressed by your productivity. If you’re having a bad day, you can always whip up an apple slice or a half a cup of frozen yogurt. But you’re going to need a better way to answer the morning gnawing. The answer to the “Where can I pick up a pack of energy in the morning?” question is: Pretty much anywhere. If you must have it at 9:00 in the morning (AM? I don’t care.) you’ll get the best results on the Sunrise (, Sputnik (, and NOW ( As a morning person, there is not a single circumstance that would be better served by NOW, than by Sunrise, or Sputnik. An app that sounds like Tinder for pickup bars. Early morning birds, late night livers, every time I open Tinder it matches me with a sexting partner and something more, usually some type of weird sex shop. Let’s be honest, we need more app like this because random hookups are good but they are not always successful. Preach something more refined, something we can be proud of, and more clearly focused. Where you can meet your match in the morning (before 9:00AM), in the evening (once the night is over), and on weekends. This app is geared towards meeting people with goals, including finding a long-term partner. It’s been used to
Today’s casually-dating-but-trying-to-be-more-than-that requires a bit of preparation. There’s a thing that people do when they’re trying to get to know someone better: They ask you “what do you do,” because they think you’ll find someone else more interesting. We’re going to help you avoid this pitfall, and teach you how to sound interesting. Not every question is a good icebreaker—but in real life, you’ll never have to say, “Wait, what are you talking about?” 1. Ask Very Short Answers to Very Short Questions You’re not being rude; you’re just talking to a stranger. And the goal is not to spend the whole time asking the person what their hobbies are, or how they know that person, or what they liked better in High School. The goal is to get them talking about themselves. Here’s the deal: Guys usually do this. Here’s what works: Try these line-up-or-fire-fight icebreakers: Did you just move here? Have you always lived here? What do you like to do for fun? What’s your favorite place in the city? Do you get paid to do what you do? Do you do this for fun, or do you have to do this for a job? Are you a single mom? Do you live with a parent? You’re very cute. How did you get in such good shape? What do you like about this city? Do you have a favorite place to go? Are you a vegetarian? Those questions will get someone talking—and talking will be the first step toward getting to know a person better. 2. Be Honest—But Don’t Be Too Honest At the end of the day, all you really need to do is be honest. Nobody is more attracted to a person than they are, and once someone really gets to know you, they’re not going to like you less because you told them you’re looking for a hookup. And even if you think that they’re going to think less of you for telling them that, think again. Even if you’re able to trick someone into thinking that you are willing to date them purely based on who you are and not what you have to offer, don’t do it. You’ll be fine in the long run, but people don’t know this, and they’ll feel like you deceived them. Plus

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